Healthy Living Consultant

Starting in undergraduate school, I noted the link between mental, physical, and spiritual health. This led me to pursue interests in health psychology during graduate training. Since earning my Ph.D. and becoming licensed, I’ve integrated spiritual health into work with clients who wish to grow in this area too. Overall, I believe the mind and body are deeply connected, along with our spirituality, viewing health in a holistic manner.

I’ve trained to work with the following mental-behavioral health-related issues:

  • Stress, anxiety, and anger management
  • Living with HIV and other immune disorders
  • Managing gastro-enterology problems and diabetes
  • Adjusting to cardiovascular conditions and cancer
  • Dealing with chronic illness
  • Coping with a loved one’s alcohol or drug problems
  • Compulsive behavior — eating, gambling, excessive exercising, overworking
  • Alcohol and drug abuse or addiction 

In two decades of practice, I’ve found that many of these and other issues are affected by attitudes, support systems (e.g, friends, family, and other communities), and our behavioral choices.

I encourage clients to choose from the following tools as they need to:

  • Evaluate if their priorities and choices match their health needs and true values
  • Manage time, work, family and other demands
  • Set limits on their commitments so they have time for self-care
  • Assess their family and social relationships to see if they get enough support
  • Learn how to choose and use support systems which can truly be helpful and caring
  • Meditate, pray, have quiet or relaxing time
  • Pursue activities/hobbies which feed their spirits and rejuvenate their energies
  • Increase fun and play in their lives
  • Find enjoyable ways to exercise (as approved by their physicians)

Since I “walk the walk” of mindfully maintaining a healthy work-life balance for myself, I have first-hand knowledge of the value of self-care. This experience makes it very rewarding to work with clients to find balance in their lives to maximize their health and happiness.